Holy Guacamole!

Mike, Audrey and I FINALLY went to NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids yesterday. It’s been open for a while and I decided we had to go check it out once and for all. There are two halves to it the market: one side with permanent food vendors (Mexican food, cupcakes, spices, ice cream, coffee, baked goods, and lots and lots of yummy stuff) and the other side with temporary vendors (food & craft) that can rent a spot for just that weekend. Our first stop was Iowa Soul Food Market’s spot (run by the same couple that owns Sweetiepie’s Chicken & Fish Fry with the BEST fried chicken and hush puppies) we tried chicken & waffles for the first time. The fluffy waffle, salty fried chicken & sweet maple syrup made for an interesting and delicious combination! Sorry there’s no picture of it. It disappeared right before I realized that I should have taken a picture of it!

We also tried cupcakes from That Cupcake Place. They were really dense, didn’t have butter cream frosting and just weren’t very good. Maybe I’m just a cupcake snob now, but if I’m paying more than $2 for a cupcake, I expect it to be better than something I could make myself.

20130421_131944Now on to our 3rd stop: the absolute best guacamole I’ve ever had in my entire life. I am NOT kidding. We purchased it from one of the temporary vendors. It’s called “Tim’s Holy Guacamole.” He had samples of lots of salsas (mostly), a ranch/salsa dip and guacamole. I saw that guacamole and headed straight for it. Then I had another sample, and another sample. It was so good I couldn’t stop sampling! The secret ingredient? BLUE CHEESE! Of course there’s the usual cilantro, tomatoes, onions, some spices and even bacon which I’ve put in my guacamole before. Tim handed me my purchased container of guacamole and said it also made a good spread on sandwiches. I believe I said under the influence of his most-excellent guacamole, “Forget that. I’m eating it straight from the container with a spoon.”


Sick Day PB&J

Audrey woke up this morning saying her tummy didn’t feel good. While her temperature was barely 100-degrees I figured it was better for her to stay home than send her to school only to have to pick her up halfway through the day. For lunch I decided to surprise her with these PB&J Crepes she’s been asking me to make her. We saw them one day on an episode of Food Network’s “Giada at Home.” It was the first time I ever attempted to make crepes. The ones in the picture were the last batch so they turned a little more brown than they maybe should have. I think they turned out pretty good, though. None were ripped or doubled-over in the flipping process! The only changes I made to the recipe were frozen raspberries & blackberries instead of fresh blueberries and skim milk instead of whole. Audrey ate 2 and is ready to go back to school tomorrow!

“Old Folks” Finger Food?

My father in-law is turning 70 next month and my mother in-law is hosting a party for the occasion. I have offered to bring appetizers to the shindig and we agreed on chicken wings and meatballs. When I told Mike what “we” were bringing he turned up his nose at the idea of chicken wings. Apparently he didn’t like the last ones I made (but everyone else did…unless they were lying). When I suggested “Maid-Rites” to my mother in-law she said all the “old folks” there might have trouble eating them. Apparently loose-meat sandwiches are more for the young ‘uns! So the meatballs are still a go. Like these which are very similar to the “Motor Home Meatballs” I made earlier in the month. Other things on the menu are: Little Smokies, cheeseburger dip, baked beans, veggie tray, chips, chex mix and of course, cake & ice cream. I need one more thing to bring. Any suggestions?

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

photo courtesy Steamy Kitchen

I subscribe to the blog Steamy Kitchen (and follow her on Twitter and Facebook). I love her photography and her recipes are really good, too! Last week I got an email  update for the recipe for Crispy Roasted Chickpeas. Since I’m always looking for a new, healthy snack alternative, off to the store I went to get a can of good ol’ chickpeas. Audrey helped me peel the skins off of the beans and into the oven they went! I thought they were really good – and Audrey did, too! Kind of a cross between a peanut and Corn Nuts. Here’s the recipe in case you’d like to try to make them, too!