Restaurant Review: Augusta

The book club I’m in meets once a month. The person who picked the book for that month gets to pick the restaurant we meet at. Last night we ate at Augusta – owned by a couple of displaced New Orleans residents and a short 15-minute drive from our house. I had heard very good things about Augusta’s food and was looking forward to it.AugustaRestaurant

DECOR: Usually I really like the mix & match chairs/tables/decor thing. Last night I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it was because the table cloths were plastic and some of the chairs weren’t sized right for the tables. I’m not quite sure.

MENU: I’ve been on Weight Watchers – yep, counting my points! – for the last couple weeks and have been doing pretty good, so seeing almost everything on the menu being deep-fried or sauteed in butter was a little disappointing. I decided on a house salad and a cup of gumbo. At a restaurant with owners from New Orleans, the gumbo should be excellent, right? I was so sure it was going to be awesome I even ordered a cup to-go for Mike. It wasn’t like any gumbo I’ve had before. You can interpret that however you want. Mike’s opinion? He took a few bites of it and threw it down the garbage disposal. The mustard vinaigrette dressing on my salad was good, though!

SERVICE: Super, super slow. There were 3 other tables there besides our group of 6. It was the owner’s 40th birthday so she was chatting away with some friends at a table. The place is small so it doesn’t take much for it to get pretty loud. Someone in my group said they had been there on a night when there were more people and the service was faster. My theory: the staff had a lot of time on their hands with so few people in the restaurant that they because preoccupied chit-chatting with each other and not paying attention to the patrons.

LONG STORY SHORT: I was very disappointed in Augusta after all the excellent things I had heard. Glad Mike and I didn’t try it out for a special occasion.