Roasted Chicken & Heavenly Potatoes

A few months ago I made these AWESOME “Crash Hot Potatoes” from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook for my cooking club dinner last month: Small potatoes boiled for 20 minutes, then “smashed” onto a sheet pan and roasted at 450-degrees for 20 more minutes. My favorite way to roast chicken is to rip its backbone out, crack its breastbone and lay it flat on a sheet pan sprinkled with olive oil, salt & pepper. After roasting the chicken for 25 minutes, I pulled the pan out of the oven to find a nice layer of fat had accumulated on the bottom. I put my boiled potatoes around the chicken, smashed them into place and finished roasted them along with the chicken. I didn’t think the potatoes could have gotten any better BUT THEY DID! It’s no surprise the chicken fat made them even more delicious and crispy than before!



Shepherd’s Pie

I don’t think I’ve ever made this before. As I’m reading the recipe’s introduction: “In the Cuisine Test Kitchen, we agreed that this is one Brit food worth bringing over the pond” I realize that it’s just 2 short days after the big Royal Wedding I’ve been trying to NOT jump on the bandwagon of. Yet here I am…making Shepherd’s Pie. It turned out pretty good – needed a lot more salt & pepper than the recipe noted – and was a great way to use up some leftover mashed potatoes!