Garden Tomato & Basil Pesto Pizza

Pesto from my friend Jayne’s garden + tomatoes from my boss’ garden + more tomatoes & basil from our garden = a delicious dinner!



p. 120: Chicken & Pesto-Stuffed Biscuits

These are supposedly like a homemade “Hot Pocket.” Mine? Not so much. Instead of putting the filling of cooked chicken, prepared pesto sauce & goat cheese on one side of the biscuit and folding it over, I thought I would place the filling in the center of the biscuit and put another one on top of it. I really tried to seal the edges as best I could. You can see by the photo above that I didn’t succeed. Because of all the biscuit-ness, they were a little dry. Mike slathered his with butter and gobbled it right up. He’s out mowing the lawn right now. I have a cardiac-arrest team standing by.