I Feel Like Chicken Spaghetti Tonight!

That’s what the recipe was for today: Chicken Spaghetti. The sauce started with sauteed onions & celery. Then I added a can of diced tomatoes with (mild) green chiles, 1/2 c. chicken broth and 8 oz. Velveeta. Once it was melty, 3 shredded chicken breasts were mixed in and it was all poured over spaghetti. Then I served it up with french bread and a spinach salad (again). Mike thought it was good but Audrey said it was a little too spicy for her. Apparently she hasn’t inherited the tolerance for spicy foods that I was handed down from my mom!


Creamy Linguine with Shrimp and Veggies

Please excuse my infrequent recipe posting. Don’t know how I manage to get nothing done lately! I AM still cooking dinner at least 5 out of 7 nights of the week but just haven’t been posting. Tonight’s recipe came from Cooking Light magazine. Seems I’m on a kick with their recipes again. Maybe I’ve been watching too many episode of BIGGEST LOSER. Who knows.

photo from Cooking Light magazine

Anyway, this recipe was really good (maybe because I bought full-fat cream cheese instead of 1/3 less fat) or maybe it was because of all the shrimp & broccoli in it. In either case, you should try it!

Eggplant Parmesan

I made this last month when it was my turn to host a Cooking Club that I’m in (which reminds me, I still have to email the recipe to our recipe collector). I found the recipe in a cookbook I never thought I would have looked in: Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. It was the winning recipe, but NOT Bobby Flay’s! Being a fan of eggplant, I knew I’d like this dish. Mike, however, warned not to make too much so he wouldn’t be stuck eating leftovers for a week. With all the tomato sauce and melty mozzarella cheese, you would never guess there was eggplant underneath it all! It was a little labor intensive breading the slices of eggplant before piling them into a baking dish with the sauce and cheese, but well worth the work!

Simply Lasagna

photo courtesy Kraft Foods

I made this recipe for lasagna from Kraft a few weeks ago when we were going to my in-law’s house. I split the recipe into two 8×8 pans, one for us, one for them! My only substitution to this recipe is italian sausage for the ground beef. I love that the lasagna noodles don’t have to be cooked. It’s not only a time saver, but it saves me the frustration of trying to separate wet noodles. Anything that does that gets two thumbs up!

This recipes makes 8 servings (or 6 generous ones). I’m contemplating making this when it’s my turn to host the Cooking Club a friend and I are starting next month (with 6 others). Maybe I’ll make 2 and have one version made with spinach…Can’t wait!

p. 184: Simple Pasta with Garlic

Lightly brown 4 thinly sliced cloves of garlic in 1/4 c. olive oil. Pour the whole thing over 1 pound of cooked spaghetti and garnish with chopped parsley (I basil because that’s just what I had), grated Parmesan cheese and black pepper. The hardest part about this recipe was slicing the darn cloves of garlic. I’m more of a smash-it-with-the-side-of-your-chef’s-knife kind of girl. I warmed up some spaghetti sauce for Mike and Audrey’s servings. Mike wasn’t too keen on just having pasta tossed with olive oil & garlic. I thought it was pretty good…with a large serving of caprese salad on the side!

p. 100, 181: Focaccia & Roasted Tomato Pasta

Okay. So I probably should’ve done a post for each of these recipes but I already deleted the pictures off of my camera and only have the Photoshopped one shown above.

FOCACCIA: This was really easy and delicious…even though the recipe says not to bake it until it’s too brown. All it is, is a 14-oz. tube of refrigerated pizza dough spread in a pan, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pitted, chopped kalamata olives, shredded Parmesan cheese, dried rosemary and kosher salt. Bake at 400-degrees for 20 minutes and you’re done!

PASTA: I had to buy cherry tomatoes from the store for this since the ones in my garden aren’t ready yet. For this recipe, halve 2 pounds cherry tomatoes. Toss with some garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper. Bake at 425-degrees for 20 minutes. Toss with pasta, a little more olive oil, Parmesan cheese and basil. I think I’ve had enough carbs for the next 2 days…

p. 220: Tuna Casserole

Tuna casserole is usually a monthly meal at our house when the weather turns cool. It was 80-degrees outside today but nonetheless I was pretty optimistic about this recipe. I think I’ll take the suggestion of crumbled regular potato chips for the topping and replace the fried onions in my stepmom’s recipe…or maybe not. What would you do?  It looked really good coming out of the oven all cheesy & bubbly, but it was a little dry. I maybe should’ve added half a soup-can of milk in addition to the cream of mushroom soup. Sorry, Sam.

Photo credit: fork placed on the plate by Audrey.