Chinese New Year Dinner

Just in case you haven’t heard, today is the 1st day of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. Thank goodness that nasty tiger is finally outta here. The year full of changes last year was almost more than I could handle!

After helping Mike shovel the driveway & sidewalk for almost 3 hours yesterday there was no way I was cooking dinner last night so we got Chinese take out from the place down the street instead. I had these 2 recipes waiting for me to cook them tonight…although my hands are still super sore from all my hard work yesterday. Both of the recipes are from a blog by food columnist/photographer/recipe developer Jaden Hair. The recipes were 100 Flower Blossoms and Long Life Fertility Noodles with Happy Shrimp.  I wasn’t too sure about the cauliflower in the 1st dish since Mike has always said he didn’t like it but this time he DID! And don’t worry about the “fertility” part of the noodle dish. You know how silly those superstitious Chinese are. I DO love how she explains what each dish is supposed to represent and why you should be eating it.

Here are the pictures of the dishes from Steamy Kitchen’s blog. I can only dream to be able to take food pictures half as good as her someday…

100 Flower Blossoms

Long Life Fertility Noodles with Happy Shrimp


Beef Chow Fun…

…for Dummies. Yep. That’s where I got this recipe from. Actually, they give recipe credit to Martin Yan. Who didn’t love watching his cooking show with his famous sign-off: “If Yan can cook, you can too!”

Anyway, Beef Chow Fun is one of my all-time favorite Chinese dishes. When we were in Chinatown last month (for dinner instead of Dim Sum for a change) and I saw a picture of this on the menu I insisted that we order it. Yes, this was the dish I made sure I had eaten every last morsel of. I LOVE IT. So when I was in the Chinese grocery store last Sunday and saw these noodles in the refrigerated case I had to buy them. I figured a recipe for this dish would be easy enough to find. Not really. Maybe I should’ve looked in one of my cookbooks instead of resorting to the internet so quickly. I’m going to look now and if I find another recipe, I’ll make it and compare.

By the way, the egg rolls I made as the side were Tai-Pei brand frozen egg rolls. Don’t get them. Ever. They were disgusting. I’m making my own as soon as I can find someone to come over and help me…which could be difficult since it’s football season.