Gingery Pork Meatballs with Noodles

photo courtesy Cooking Light

This is the 5th recipe from the hand-me-down September issue of Cooking Light. Again, it was delicious. I told Mike I felt bad for keeping the magazine from my friend since all the recipes we’ve had so far were so good. He said, “Well, make copies all the recipes first!”

This recipe fell under the category of “Budget Cooking” at $2.06/serving. Of course, I took this claim as a something to prove wrong. I added up the items from my grocery list and came up with $2.11/serving (since I already had some of the ingredients). It would’ve been less if I were able to buy snow peas by the pound instead of prepackaged. Either way, you can’t eat this good of a dish in any restaurant for that price!

My only issue with this recipe is the title. The ginger flavor was hidden by the overpowering cilantro – which I didn’t even add the total amount of. It’s a good thing I like cilantro now or I would be really mad!