Smoothie Challenge

30day_headerFriends of ours received a new Ninja blender as a Christmas present. We got started on talking about making smoothies and it kind of renewed my interest in the fad that just won’t go away. Of course I turned to Pinterest for some recipes to make besides the standard orange juice/strawberry/banana combo and came across this website. There was a link to sign up to take a 30-day GREEN smoothie challenge so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Each week I get an email with the shopping list and recipes for 5 different smoothies. Today was our first green smoothie: “Gorilla Punch.” It had kale, almond milk, banana, apple, cocoa powder and a little peanut butter in it. It wasn’t too bad! The Ninja blender I bought about 5 years ago did a pretty good job of blending everything together, but it wasn’t great since it only has a 400-watt motor. We MAY be in the market for a new blender now. Any recommendations?


p. 232: Zamba

I don’t know why this smoothie is called “Zamba.” It says in the book that Sam’s son Zach came up with this and that’s just what he named it. Whatever it’s called, it was pretty good!

1 c. frozen mango chunks
1 c. frozen strawberries
1 banana, peeled & cut into large pieces
Equal amounts of oj & cranberry juice – just enough to cover the fruit

My substitutions: THOUGHT I had frozen mango but I didn’t so I used frozen peaches. Didn’t have oj OR cranberry juice so I just used cherry.

Directions: add the fruit to the blender and pour in the juices just to cover. Blend everything until it begins to get chopped up, then turn it up and blend until smooth. One more substitution: I didn’t use a blender for this because I don’t have one. I DO have the Ninja Master Prep Pro! The only thing I ever got as a result of being brainwashed by an infomercial. It’s awesome for making smoothies, salsa, guacamole…you name it!