Breakfast Burritos

A couple of weeks ago Mike went to a Hawkeye football game which meant there was pre-game tailgating…and tailgating food! Because I didn’t want Mike to show up without food, I made these Breakfast Burritos I had seen on the Pioneer Woman’s Food Network show. She prepared them, wrapped them in foil and rode out to the range to feed her cowboy husband, children and helpers. Cowboys, tailgaters…same thing, right?

Breakfast Potatoes for the Breakfast Burritos

The complete Breakfast Burrito mixture!

All packed up and ready for tailgating!

Mmm! I heard they made good hand warmers, too!




Ham-apalooza Day 1

We hosted Easter dinner at our house and have ended up with quite a lot of leftover ham. I guess it’s better than the Thanksgiving I over-invited and we ended up with NO turkey leftovers. Better? Or worse.

Anyway! Yesterday we had ham sandwiches for lunch. Today it was minced ham & egg salad sandwiches. Tonight? Ham & swiss quiche served with a spinach salad on the side (No, I didn’t make the crust. But after eating this store bought one I wish I had). And you know it HAS to be good when your husband says, “did you take a picture yet?”

p. 125: The Best Chicken/Egg Salad

Okay. Here’s another two-fer. In order to make this recipe, I had to hard-boil 6 eggs. Sam’s instructions for this are on p. 76 of this book. They’re pretty much the same as the trusty Good Housekeeping cookbook I stole from my mom when I moved into my first apartment. Audrey even helped me with this recipe by peeling the eggs. After that she lost interest and left me alone. The ingredients for this are: hard boiled eggs, celery, mayo, shredded cooked chicken, and curry powder. I used leftover chicken from an Adobo Chicken recipe for this. I think the flavor from it went nicely with the curry flavor. Mike at 2 sandwiches for lunch today. I guess he likes it.

p. 93: The Popeye

Call it what you will: “Egg-in-the-Hole,” “Bird’s Nest”, “Toad in a Hole,” “One-eyed Soldiers,” and my favorite: “Ring Around the Yolky.” It’s a hole cut out of a piece of bread, put into a pan and cooked with an egg inside the hole. The last time I had this was probably Home Ec class in Junior High. I made it for breakfast this morning and it tasted better than I had ever remembered. Maybe it was because I followed the directions and melted butter in the pan instead of just spreading it on the bread, or maybe it’s because I forgot about it and let it cook until it was almost a little too brown. Whatever the reason, it was goooood!