Let Her Eat Cake!

But beware if you let her cut her own piece, because this is what you’ll be left with:


This is chocolate zucchini cake made from a recipe is from my boss’ mother. Audrey resisted trying it for 2 days after I made it for the first time. Then she tried it and realized I wasn’t lying when I told her how good it was. I think this is the 3rd one I’ve made. I brought one on our family vacation and it was devoured (by 6 children) in no time flat.



Chocolate Chip Dilemma Solved!

I have been determined to find a recipe using only the handful of chocolate chunks still in my cupboard. I found my solution in a tube of crescent rolls. I added 6 chocolate chunks to the wide end before rolling them up and then baked them as usual. There’s no picture because they disappeared too quickly.