Breakfast Burritos

A couple of weeks ago Mike went to a Hawkeye football game which meant there was pre-game tailgating…and tailgating food! Because I didn’t want Mike to show up without food, I made these Breakfast Burritos I had seen on the Pioneer Woman’s Food Network show. She prepared them, wrapped them in foil and rode out to the range to feed her cowboy husband, children and helpers. Cowboys, tailgaters…same thing, right?

Breakfast Potatoes for the Breakfast Burritos

The complete Breakfast Burrito mixture!

All packed up and ready for tailgating!

Mmm! I heard they made good hand warmers, too!




It’s ALL in the Presentation!

French Toast Mountain

For YEARS I’ve been making french toast. It’s one of Mike’s favorite breakfast options. Audrey has NEVER wanted to eat it. I really didn’t understand why not. She likes custard, syrup and bread. Isn’t french toast all those things in one? Well, I finally found the trick to get Audrey to eat french toast so I don’t have to be short-order cook in the morning. Of course the solution came from Sam the Cooking Guy’s 1st book: Just a Bunch of Recipes. It’s not so much of a recipe but a suggestion on how to present it:

Cut french toast into 1″ squares and place in a mountain-like pile. Drizzle with syrup first; this would be the “cascading waterfall” part of the mountain. Then dust the top of the pile with powdered sugar, this gives it the “snowy peaks” part of the mountain.

I made this for Audrey a few weeks ago and she requested it for her breakfast this morning saying “Mommy, can you make me that french toast mountain with the sugar powder on top?” How do I say no to that?

Pumpkin Scones

photo from

I bought some canned pumpkin last week to make something (can’t remember what so it must’ve been really good) but didn’t use the whole can. While looking online for a picture of a pumpkin tonight I came across a picture of pumpkin scones which led me to where I found a recipe for some! And…it turned out that I had just enough leftover canned pumpkinto make them!

As I started pulling out the scone ingredients Audrey came into the kitchen to offer her help which, of course, I happily accepted. After getting the scones on the baking sheet it was time for the egg wash. I told Audrey I needed an egg. As she was going to the refrigerator to get it for me, she asked if she could crack it. I told her I needed to do it because I only needed the yolk. She shut the refrigerator door and said, “well, I don’t know where to get that.” Silly.

Just a few more minutes until the scones are done baking. Hopefully they make it to the morning so I can take them to work to share. I feel kind of bad that the Month of Cynthia is almost over and I’ve only brought a value-size bag of candy corn to celebrate!

Got Smoothie?

I whipped out my Ninja blender the other morning for a smoothie treat! My favorite recipe is the “Banana Latte” smoothie from this book. It’s one of Audrey’s favorites too. If only it would help straighten her teeth!

The recipe:
1 c. milk
3/4 c. brewed coffee, chilled
2 fresh bananas, frozen & sliced
6 to 8 ice cubes
1 t. unsweetened cocoa powder for garnish
1/4 t. ground cinnamon for garnish

Combine the milk and coffee in a blender. Add the banans. Blend until smooth. With the blender running, add ice cubes until they are incorporated and the desired consistency is reached. Pour into tall glasses and sprinkle with cocoa powder and cinnamon.

p. 232: Zamba

I don’t know why this smoothie is called “Zamba.” It says in the book that Sam’s son Zach came up with this and that’s just what he named it. Whatever it’s called, it was pretty good!

1 c. frozen mango chunks
1 c. frozen strawberries
1 banana, peeled & cut into large pieces
Equal amounts of oj & cranberry juice – just enough to cover the fruit

My substitutions: THOUGHT I had frozen mango but I didn’t so I used frozen peaches. Didn’t have oj OR cranberry juice so I just used cherry.

Directions: add the fruit to the blender and pour in the juices just to cover. Blend everything until it begins to get chopped up, then turn it up and blend until smooth. One more substitution: I didn’t use a blender for this because I don’t have one. I DO have the Ninja Master Prep Pro! The only thing I ever got as a result of being brainwashed by an infomercial. It’s awesome for making smoothies, salsa, guacamole…you name it!

p. 208: Breakfast Burrito

I first want to apologize for this picture. I thought the cheapy plastic plate I ate this on would photograph a little better. It didn’t so I had to try to beautify it with a little Photoshop-age.

Anyway! The potato in the filling for this is the genius shortcut of frozen french fries thawed in the microwave, diced, then browned in a skillet with your-choice-of-meat (breakfast sausage at our house), diced onion and eggs. These were super filling! One burrito for breakfast and I was set until dinner!