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Channeling my Inner MacGyver

My neighbor’s cherry tree had a bumper crop this year. Her husband came to our door one day and said his wife had already made 2 cherry pies (which he had gladly eaten) but couldn’t take anymore. He pleaded with us to go and pick some cherries and share the harvest.

So here I was…standing in the kitchen with 6 cups of unpitted cherries in front of me and no cherry pitter to be had. Then I remembered a friend of mine making a comment on Facebook that she used to use a hairpin to pit cherries. Who has hairpins these days? Not me. I DO, however, have tons of floral wire in my craft closet. It’s amazing the things you hang on to. So I cut off an 8″ length of floral wire and bent it into a “u” shape. Voila! A cherry pitter! MacGyver would be so proud.

cherry pitter


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