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Mango Chicken

I took a little break from eMeals because I wasn’t liking any of the recipes for the regular Family Plan meals. They started posting pictures of new recipes that really looked good in their new Paleo Plan so I figured I’d switch plans (which you can do every 3 weeks if you choose) and see what happened! The 1st recipe up was Mango Chicken with Cauliflower Rice…except Mike’s not a fan of the cauliflower so we used regular long-grain white rice instead. So I guess we’re only half Paleo. Anyway, it was really good, and really simple! Chopped onions, an orange bell pepper, boneless/skinless chicken thighs (note to self: buy boneless/skinless chicken thighs the next time you’re at a store that carries them so you don’t have to do it yourself), chopped mango and coconut milk.  Hopefully the rest of the recipes for this week will be just as good, although I’m not sure how the Chicken Cacciatore is going to be without pasta. We may half to go Paleo halfsies on that meal, too.

Mango Chicken

Mango Chicken



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