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Don’t Judge Me

I decided to make an apple pie to enter in the Johnson County Fair pie contest today. It was absolutely beautiful. The crust was perfectly golden – not too light, not too dark, and was filled with Braeburn apples…my favorite. I didn’t win, though. I wasn’t really expecting to, this being my first attempt and all, but after looking at the other entries my confidence was up. I wish I had taken a movie or pictures of the other entries so you would understand. Anyway, in a moment of self-pity I sent out a Tweet tagging Beth Howard, the pie lady from Eldon, Iowa and author of “Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie.” Six minutes later I received a reply!

She’s absolutely right. Pie isn’t about winning, but about sharing. Screw the trophy. After the contest the pies were all entered into a silent auction to raise money for the Altrusa Foundation, the non-profit group that sponsored the event. I walked by my pie and a woman and her little girl had immediately entered a bid of $15 for it. At least SOMEONE there had some taste!

My apple pie…just sitting there…waiting to be judged.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me

  1. who is to judge an others pie…it just isn’t right. Every pie has it’s purpose…your pie brings joy to those who have the good luck to enjoy it…silly Fair…

  2. I’d take one of your “loser” pies any day. Shouldn’t keep you from entering other contests. One will eventually have a sensable judge on the panel. Gets your name out there for your pie cafe.

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