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Surprise Dinner Guests

We got home from our Spring Break trip to the Mall of America this afternoon around 2:00. We quickly unpacked before turning around to retrieve our dogs from their “weekend vacation homes.” While Mike was at his mom’s getting Mei-Mei I was at the grocery store getting something to cook for dinner. With temperatures in the 80’s the natural choice was something on the grill. Just coming from a shopping spree the natural choice was coming cheat. Brats just so happened to be on sale, so I picked up 2 packages.

While the brats were simmering I took the opportunity to browse the new Pioneer Woman cookbook I received today! Obviously distracted by the beautiful pictures and tempting recipes I SWEAR Audrey asked if she could go over to the neighbor’s house and ask them if they wanted to play. I said, “yeah, okay, fine.” and shoo’ed her away. 30-seconds later she came back and said, “OK. They’re coming over” to which I replied, “Who’s coming over?” Her innocent reply was “Jake, Ryan, Pat & Marge said they could come over for dinner. Marge just put some potatoes in the oven to go with the steaks but they can come over instead” to which I exclaimed “WHAT?!?!?!? You said you were going over there to play with them!!!” Never fear…I just pulled out the 2nd package of brats and since all hot dog buns come 8 or 10 to a package we were set! We ended up having a nice dinner chatting about our latest adventures over Spring Break and Audrey got to show off her new doll to the neighbor boys who were, amazingly, quite interested – for the first 2 minutes!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Dinner Guests

    • The new PW Cookbook looks AWESOME! Tried flagging all the recipes I want to make with post-its but ran out! Guess I just better cook all of them!

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