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It’s ALL in the Presentation!

French Toast Mountain

For YEARS I’ve been making french toast. It’s one of Mike’s favorite breakfast options. Audrey has NEVER wanted to eat it. I really didn’t understand why not. She likes custard, syrup and bread. Isn’t french toast all those things in one? Well, I finally found the trick to get Audrey to eat french toast so I don’t have to be short-order cook in the morning. Of course the solution came from Sam the Cooking Guy’s 1st book: Just a Bunch of Recipes. It’s not so much of a recipe but a suggestion on how to present it:

Cut french toast into 1″ squares and place in a mountain-like pile. Drizzle with syrup first; this would be the “cascading waterfall” part of the mountain. Then dust the top of the pile with powdered sugar, this gives it the “snowy peaks” part of the mountain.

I made this for Audrey a few weeks ago and she requested it for her breakfast this morning saying “Mommy, can you make me that french toast mountain with the sugar powder on top?” How do I say no to that?


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