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Pumpkin Scones

photo from myrecipes.com

I bought some canned pumpkin last week to make something (can’t remember what so it must’ve been really good) but didn’t use the whole can. While looking online for a picture of a pumpkin tonight I came across a picture of pumpkin scones which led me to myrecipes.com where I found a recipe for some! And…it turned out that I had just enough leftover canned pumpkinto make them!

As I started pulling out the scone ingredients Audrey came into the kitchen to offer her help which, of course, I happily accepted. After getting the scones on the baking sheet it was time for the egg wash. I told Audrey I needed an egg. As she was going to the refrigerator to get it for me, she asked if she could crack it. I told her I needed to do it because I only needed the yolk. She shut the refrigerator door and said, “well, I don’t know where to get that.” Silly.

Just a few more minutes until the scones are done baking. Hopefully they make it to the morning so I can take them to work to share. I feel kind of bad that the Month of Cynthia is almost over and I’ve only brought a value-size bag of candy corn to celebrate!


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