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Cook Club Rules

My friend Jayne and I decided one day last winter that we should start a cooking club. I had been in a book club with some women and didn’t always like the books. Then we’d meet somewhere at a restaurant I didn’t always like for dinner and end up not talking about it at all! Well, if I was going to eat food and NOT talk about a book I was going to do it with my FRIENDS! And so the No-Name Cooking Club was born. A group consisting of me and 8 girlfriends meet at each other’s house once a month. The hostess makes the main course and the rest of us bring everything else from the beverage to dessert. This month our hostess made grilled flank steak with a mint chimichurri sauce. I was on appetizer duty so I brought my all-time favorite: guacamole! There was also a spinach salad, dirty rice, DELICIOUS broccoli, jell-o cake, moscato & red wine and ready-to-drink margaritas! We always have a good time catching up on everything that’s happened since the last meeting while enjoying everyone’s delicious food and sometimes too-delicious beverages! Thanks for another great evening, girls!


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