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Chinese Food Feast

Last weekend my mom, sister and niece came to visit. At first the plan was just to cook egg rolls with my mom. That plan quickly turned into preparing beef & broccoli, green beans with black bean & garlic sauce, and Singapore rice noodles for a Chinese food feast! Buying the ingredients for all the dishes was easily done at the local grocery store…except for when it came for the noodles. The rice noodles I had were, apparently, not the right kind of rice noodles even though the ingredients were “rice flour, water.” A trip to the Chinese grocery store resulted in about 50 different kinds of rice noodles to choose from. Luckily I passed the test and came home with the right kind. We invited some of Mike’s family and a couple friends over to share in our feast. I’ve been eating leftovers all week and they’re finally gone! Well, except for the 16 egg rolls now in my freezer. Anybody want some?


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