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Vice or Vase?

I’ve got a little case of the mid-Winter blahs. I could call them the blues but that’s a little depressing, don’t you think? So tonight, as I was cleaning up the dishes (my prized Deruta butter dish to be exact) from the dinner that I had cooked, the brilliant idea came to me that I should look for some new Deruta pottery on eBay. I love the Deruta pattern with the dragon on the side (Raffealessco). The colors are so cheerful and go with everything! The chicken water pitcher I bought for myself 12 years ago started my whole “chickens in the kitchen” theme. Two of my guilty pleasures lately are watching Home Shopping Network and looking for steals on eBay. As I was trying to think of what I could use that wouldn’t be lost on my chaotic countertop, I came up with a vase. A beautiful new vase to put some pretty flowers in. I found this one for only $15 (plus $4 shipping). Of course I only browsed today and didn’t actually make a purchase. The auction for this vase doesn’t end for another 5 days so I’ve got a little time to mull it over. I don’t think anything could cure my winter blahs better…until the stupid cat jumps on the table and sends my cure crashing to the floor. Maybe I just need to get rid of the cat…


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