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Cookie Project

Believe it or not, these cookies took about 2 weeks to make. The first batch I did (with a chocolate sugar cookie recipe from Taste of Home) flopped. The cutouts didn’t keep their shape and they were just way too big. Then I made this batch. A trusted gingerbread cutout recipe from my red & white checked Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. Then I had to frost them. But not until they were cool. Then we had to go to Galena for the weekend to help at my in-law’s house. Then I had to go to Jo-Ann’s to get fabric for a Halloween costume for an American Girl doll. (Note to self: read the suggested fabric on the pattern envelope. If it says double-stretch knit, get that.) I FINALLY finished them tonight. Phew!


3 thoughts on “Cookie Project

  1. Geez! Blows my spider cupcakes out of the water. The cookies look good enough to eat. Maybe we should collaborate for a halloween/bday party next year.

  2. They look great! I have a very good sugar cookie recipe for making cut out cookies. You can bake them ahead and put them in the freezer either undecorated or already frosted. I make them ahead of Christmas and then the kids help frost and decorate them closer to the holiday.

  3. Great job and I bet they taste just as good as they look! I’m hesitant with sugar cookies, mine turn out to hard and my frosting sucks. Maybe I just need to try a new recipe.

    Sounds very similar to my homemade pie crust argument.

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