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Lucky Duck

Enough about food. I’m thirsty and on a red wine kick. Blame it on my monthly book club dinners. A few of the girls were RAVING about this Shiraz from Shoo Fly so I had to try it. And just to make sure I really liked it, I had to have 2 glasses. The bill for dinner that night was a teeny bit more than I was planning on spending. A few weeks later some friends came over for dinner with a bottle of red wine. A Zinfandel. Before I knew it I had drank the entire bottle (minus one glass).

We’re also on a tight-ish budget now because of 2 trips planned in the next 10 months. #1: Wisconsin Dells for New Year’s Eve with my 2 sisters and their respective families (and the family of 1 boyfriend) #2 Estes Park, Colorado with my in-laws. For our WI Dells trip we will be in a hotel with only a small refrigerator for beverages. One of my sisters commented that we could save on fridge space by drinking red wine. Isn’t she so smart?

So…red wine kick + tight budget = Lucky Duck wine. Just picked up a bottle of their Shiraz (from Australia – where all good things come from) for $3.97. There are 2 reasons I picked this wine: its price and the label. I’m a sucker for a good label. A few glasses into the bottle, I’ve decided that I like it. I’ve also found some fellow food bloggers who agree. One called it a “Recession Wine.” Nice.


One thought on “Lucky Duck

  1. being the ornithophobic that you are I’m surprised you picked a label suggesting feathers! I’m fond of a label “Mad Housewife” that I found at World Market…

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