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Beef Chow Fun…

…for Dummies. Yep. That’s where I got this recipe from. Dummies.com. Actually, they give recipe credit to Martin Yan. Who didn’t love watching his cooking show with his famous sign-off: “If Yan can cook, you can too!”

Anyway, Beef Chow Fun is one of my all-time favorite Chinese dishes. When we were in Chinatown last month (for dinner instead of Dim Sum for a change) and I saw a picture of this on the menu I insisted that we order it. Yes, this was the dish I made sure I had eaten every last morsel of. I LOVE IT. So when I was in the Chinese grocery store last Sunday and saw these noodles in the refrigerated case I had to buy them. I figured a recipe for this dish would be easy enough to find. Not really. Maybe I should’ve looked in one of my cookbooks instead of resorting to the internet so quickly. I’m going to look now and if I find another recipe, I’ll make it and compare.

By the way, the egg rolls I made as the side were Tai-Pei brand frozen egg rolls. Don’t get them. Ever. They were disgusting. I’m making my own as soon as I can find someone to come over and help me…which could be difficult since it’s football season.


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