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Mozzarella, Ham & Basil Panini

photo courtesy "Cooking Light"

My foodie friend, Jayne, gave me her latest issue of Cooking Light after she was done reading it. She gave it to me because we both are interested in pressure cooker recipes – which this had a whole section on. Neither of us have a pressure cookers but I’ve watched lots of infomercials about them. They intrigue and scare me. Anyway, in this issue was a recipe/tip section for healthy food in a hurry. The Mozzarella, Ham & Basil Panini was “Favorite 20-Minute Recipe #9. The picture in the magazine is MUCH better than the one I copied from their website. No, it’s not my picture. If someone has already gone through the trouble of taking a picture, why should I?

In any case, I digress. This panini was super good (and finally gave me the opportunity to use the Cuisinart Griddler I got for Christmas a few years ago as a panini press)! I also think it’s funny how the loaf of ciabatta bread I got is exactly the same size as as my panini press. I’m thinking it’s not just a coincidence. Yes, I did cut it into 6 wedges as the recipe suggested, but then ate 1 1/2 pieces so I guess it was cooking light, but not EATING light. Too bad. I had a crappy day.


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