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“Old Folks” Finger Food?

My father in-law is turning 70 next month and my mother in-law is hosting a party for the occasion. I have offered to bring appetizers to the shindig and we agreed on chicken wings and meatballs. When I told Mike what “we” were bringing he turned up his nose at the idea of chicken wings. Apparently he didn’t like the last ones I made (but everyone else did…unless they were lying). When I suggested “Maid-Rites” to my mother in-law she said all the “old folks” there might have trouble eating them. Apparently loose-meat sandwiches are more for the young ‘uns! So the meatballs are still a go. Like these which are very similar to the “Motor Home Meatballs” I made earlier in the month. Other things on the menu are: Little Smokies, cheeseburger dip, baked beans, veggie tray, chips, chex mix and of course, cake & ice cream. I need one more thing to bring. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on ““Old Folks” Finger Food?

  1. My sister-in-law makes cream cheese filled won tons with a mango salsa. So yummy! Also, the pin wheel tortilla wraps are also good.

  2. Just to clarify – we won’t be sitting at tables so will have to juggle plates, cups, silverware in our laps. Didn’t want anyone to think we’re one step away from assisted living 🙂

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