Home » Sam the Cooking Guy » Book 1: Just a Bunch of Recipes » p. 108: Chicken Enchiladas

p. 108: Chicken Enchiladas

I’ve made chicken enchiladas before and they’ve always been one of Audrey’s favorite things to eat. These, however, were not found acceptable to her 7 year-old taste buds. Mike and I both liked them, though. They were a little different than ones I’ve made before but can’t figure out why without digging through my cookbooks to find the other recipe.

There is a funny thing about the fact that we had this for dinner tonight, though: One of Mike’s nephews (Derek) joined the Marines last Spring and is now in California. I had posted on Facebook a few days ago that I was making chocolate chip cookies and he commented on how nice it would be to have some while they’re still hot and falling apart right out of the oven. I told him to email me his address and that they would be all his. Well, today he commented that he sure could go for some chicken enchiladas – not knowing that they were on tonight’s menu. Unfortunately for Derek, these will not ship quite as well as chocolate chip cookies.


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