p. 36: Asian BBQ Sauce

Picture this: a deep, dark mahogany, sticky, sweet sauce, slathered on a rack of baby back ribs and caramelized ever-so-slightly under the broiler. That’s what we had for dinner tonight. The sauce recipe was Sam’s, but the rib recipe was from Steamy Kitchen. The sauce was simple: 1 c. prepared hoisin sauce 2 T. soy sauce mixed in. If I were to make it again, I would halve the soy sauce (it was pretty salty) and add honey. Or maybe I’m just used to Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ Sauce. You really can’t beat it.

On the menu for this week are a few recipe from Sam’s 1st book. I think I’m mostly done with book 2. The majority of recipes left are for breakfast. I really can’t get motivated to do anything fancier than french toast for breakfast and by the time we eat and I clean up, I feel like my morning’s been wasted in the kitchen. If anyone is interested in the list of remaining recipe, let me know…or maybe I’ll post them later in the week. Yeah. I’ll just do that.

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