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p. 121: Inside-Out Grilled Cheese

Buy a 6-pack of dinner rolls and do not separate them. Slice the entire chunk of bread in half horizontally. Cover the TOP of the rolls with grilled cheese fixins (in this case, havarti cheese, shredded chicken, and bacon). Place the bottom half of the rolls on top with the bottom side facing the filling. You should end up with a big “sandwich” where the cut sides of the rolls are facing out, ready to accept lots and lots of butter. Cook like you would a grilled cheese, except with a much bigger spatula. NOW you can cut it into 6 individual sandwiches, dip in honey mustard sauce (p. 41) and enjoy! 

“What was the shortcut with using dinner rolls, you wonder? It wasn’t really a shortcut. It was a tip and I’ll spell it out for you: Use what you’ve got.” -Sam


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