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p. 192: Cheater Seafood Paella

Another “Rated Mmmmm by Mike” recipe – with some modifications.

Recipe – or Cliff Notes if this is a true “cheater recipe”: (improvised ingredients marked with a “*”):
2 packages of rice* (Sam says to use Rice-A-Roni spanish rice mix but I used “Mahatma” brand yellow rice I discovered through my sisters)
3/4 lb. raw shrimp
1 lb. mussels
1/3 c. frozen peas*
1/3 c. frozen corn*
3 roma tomatoes (chopped)*

Cook the rice according to the package directions and add the rest of the ingredients in the last 10 minutes of cooking. Cook until the seafood is done, adding more water if necessary.

Remove the lid, stand back, and marvel at your excellence.

Be sure to discard any mussels that haven’t opened (because they were DOA and can make you very sick).


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