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Mud Cups

I had found a really involved recipe Dirt Cake in Flowerpots on bakedbree.com. I didn’t follow it. It’s not that I don’t love all the girls in Audrey’s Daisy Troop, I just don’t have the time or desire to make something complicated that shouldn’t be! Here’s my version:

1. Get some clear plastic cups so you can see the layers of the pudding and “dirt.” Fill them with instant chocolate pudding. Clear out space in your fridge so they can all chill-out.

2. Reuse the empty, flattened pudding boxes as a dog toy. Don’t leave him unattended, though, or he’ll eat them.

3. After consulting with your Facebook friends on how to actually make “dirt,” throw a bunch of WHOLE Oreos into your food processor and give it a whirl. The sound will be really loud and you’ll have to pulse slowly at first, but the “dirt” will look much more realistic than if you had crushed them by hand. Feel free to do the by-hand thing if you’ve got a LOT of extra aggression you need to get out.

4. CAREFULLY add the “dirt” to the top of the pudding cups.

5. Stay up later than you should and cut out paper daisies since you probably don’t have one of those really cool Cricut die cutting machines all the dedicated scrapbooking friends of yours have. Tape the daisies to popsicle sticks you should have laying around the house anyway…right?

6. Insert a paper daisy-on-a-stick into each pudding cup, sit back, and watch 10 your daughter and 9 other first-graders inhale them in a matter of minutes!


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