Home » Sam the Cooking Guy » Book 2: Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts » p. 111: Thai Curry Noodle Soup

p. 111: Thai Curry Noodle Soup

This soup was VERY simple and VERY good. There were only 7 ingredients: chicken broth, coconut milk, curry powder, chili paste, ramen noodles (I substituted rice noodles), shrimp and green onions. I served chicken & vegetable potstickers on the side (courtesy the frozen section of the grocery store – see tip on p. 230) with a sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil, chili paste and green onions. A few months ago I had found a recipe for Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup which I hate to say was a little better than tonight’s soup. It did, however, have 20 ingredients compared to 7 in this recipe. Don’t get me wrong, though, Mike and I each had a bowl-and-a-half of the soup and will probably fight over who gets to take the leftovers to work tomorrow!


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